Make the most of Whatsapp Business

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Make the most of Whatsapp Business

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More than 2,000 million people around the world use this social network . Why not exploit it professionally to take advantage of all its advantages? some figures Every day, an average of 100,000 million messages are sent and 1,000 million calls are made through this platform.

DISMISS ALERT We all know the functionalities at the user level, but we are going to talk about the various options it offers if you are a company phone database
or self-employed. First of all, some clarifications: It is a free tool, it can be downloaded through the Play Store or App Store for iPhone, free of charge. Of course , you must take into account that you can only have one WhatsApp account active for each telephone number, in such a way that it cannot be used simultaneously as a company and as a personal profile. As far as possible.


it is advisable to have an independent telephone number for your company or professional activity. main options company profile Complete your data with the description of your company, the physical address, the email and your website. Quickly answers It allows you to save and reuse the messages you send regularly to answer the most common questions. tags You can assign colored labels to your contacts or chats to locate them quickly and organize them efficiently.
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