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Is Content Marketing Worth the Effort?

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2022 9:40 am
by Jannat12
We preach it every week. Attract the right kind of traffic by creating exceptional content. Engage your audience so they know, like, and trust you. Let them know you’re the likable expert who’s going to give them the information (and eventually the products and services) that won’t let them down. Then use smart copywriting and conversion techniques to turn those raving fans into customers. No, it’s not paint-by-numbers, but it is a proven, systematic way to build your business. But sometimes I hear people say, “Geez, that sounds like a lot of work.” Well, ok, I’m going to give it to you straight. It’s work.

But a lot of work compared Phone Number List to what? Digging latrines? Losing your mind in a cubicle farm? Spouting half-baked opinions on a reality TV show? So let’s break it down … building a business our way versus building a business by other people’s methods. Method 1: What normal businesses do Every day you probably run into dozens of normal small businesses. Dry cleaners, tire shops, dentists, mom-and-pop groceries. Here in the U.S., we have organizations like the SBO and SCORE that exist to help businesses like this out — because starting a traditional bricks-and-mortar business is incredibly hard. Most of them have physical space to rent. Every month, whether they’re finding enough customers or not, they need to pay a hefty rent check. Add to that expensive physical equipment and enough employees to keep the doors open.


Starting a small business usually begins with taking out a massive loan. Then you follow this up by busting your tail every waking hour, staying up late into the night trying to make the numbers work, and praying enough customers walk in the door tomorrow. “Marketing,” if you do it at all, consists of yellow pages, penny-shopper mailers, or putting a really big bright sign in the window. If you get incredibly successful, some day you can hire a small ad agency to take a scary amount of your money and (maybe) get the word out to a wider audience. Because so much cash (and time, and energy) goes out the door, every month feels like rolling the dice. Every month you hope the cash flow goes the right direction.